About Maxpi
MaxPi was started in early 2016 and is aimed at improving the life of every human being by changing everything & making everything smart. We started out by hosting a RaspberryPi meet up in Bengaluru and quickly reached a milestone of 1000 members. In 2015 we also started doing RaspberryPi meet ups in Hyderabad; we are very passionate about technologies & have an MD who is very tech-savvy.

We strive to enlighten people about new technologies by means of IOT Workshops, IOT Prototype consulting. We also provide workshop - physical computing with raspberry pi for Kids to teach them Scratch programming , Python Programming and RaspberryPi.


To make everything smart in this world
  • To achieve a smarter world!
  • Drawing on the power of artificial intelligence to enhance human experience.


MaxPi's Mission Statement is "To change everything in world and make them smart"
  • MaxPi's Mission Statement is “To implement effective communication between humans and intelligent devices and achieve a smarter world”.
  • “To formulate artificial intelligence/IOT for universal acceptability and incorporate smart devices for a hi-tech lifestyle”.
  • “To systematicise artificial intelligence for universal acceptance and incorporate IOT for a better lifestyle”