We support iRaspberryPi & swiftbengaluru community.


A RaspberryPi focused community was started by us on in 2014, called iRaspberryPi in order to help people of similar interests (although from different backgrounds) learn and build new things in and around Raspberry Pi.

Apart from conducting basic courses such as "Introduction to Raspberry Pi", we also implement advanced ones like “Home Security”.

We are likely to organise a few more in the coming months. We are also looking to set up a curriculum for kids as well, where they can do all these without knowing any programming skills. We also, plan to start such events in other cities like Pune, Ahmedabad & Delhi.


We are also founders of another group on called SwiftBengaluru. Swift is a modern programming language developed by Apple, which is fast and interactive. The aim is to get professionals of different backgrounds, but similar interests together and get educated about Swift and its applications. The group is mainly for developers working on Apple platform (iOS / Mac OS) and also those who are using Swift to develop cloud and server applications as Apple announces Swift as Open Source language in 2016.


Evernote is a digital note taking app. Our MD is Evernote Community Leader (ECL). Evernote Community Leaders are select members of the global Evernote community who have exceptional skills, leadership, and enthusiasm. Online and offline, Evernote Community Leaders share their time and knowledge to help others become experts at using Evernote in their work and daily lives.