IoT With Raspberry Pi - Hands-On Hyderabad 6th Apr 2018 and 7th Apr 2018

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi - Hands-On

The Internet of Things is ushering a new era in science and technology which will forever change our personal, professional lives, our consumer habits and the way we do business. With the rapidly changing world, these latest inventions and innovations will become the norm by 2020, and we expect more than 50 billion connected devices communicating via the net. In order to create early adopters, we are introducing a one of its kind course on 'Internet of Things', the next big thing in the IT industry.
Key Features:
sample projects
Post completion of the course, you will be able to: 
How to develop and implement IoT technologies, solutions, and applications.
IoT Device Design like- sensors, Embedded development boards, Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs & Design Considerations.
Programming Python
System Requirements: 
2 GB RAM min. | 2 Mbps Internet Surfing Speed
to enroll send an email to [email protected] Feel free to reach me at +91 9449720461 for any further clarification.
Venue: Kukatpally / AS Rao Nagar , Hyderabad
Date: 6th April 2081 & 7th April 2018

course content: 70% hands-on 30% theory
What is IoT ?
Install using your laptop
Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Introduction to OS & Noobs
Introduction to sensors
linux basic
Intro to Python
Git on Raspberry Pi
Programming in C
Programming in Python
Introduction to Plotly & Uploading sensor data to plotly
Using PubNub
Simple projects
Ultrasonic Sensor
Servo motor (GUI Control)
Working with Relay
Interfacing with Display - LCD Display
Kit (for Hands-On):